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Discovery of our passion

These Chairs  made from recycled piano & mahogany Wood

Young Living Independent Distributor & Promoter for Young Living Essential Oils and Wellness Products. 


Handcrafted WITH LOVE

Custom Made Maple & Oak  Wood Cutting Boards

M & M Carriage House Creations LLC

Custom made Wood Oil Holders

Custom Order "Folding Camping Chairs/Log Cabin Porch Chairs"

Before & After Reclaimed Furniture

About Us

Our shop opened in February 2016 birthed from a desire to work with wood and reclaim vintage and not so vintage items. This venture was originally inspired by Michele's Grandpa Eugene, who loved to dabble in Flea Market Goods and Antiques. Through reinvention, time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, love, and a desire to create; the shop, which originated in Saxtons River, Vermont became a reality just about halfway through our lives. With any small business, it takes some time before a treasure is found. Michele and Michael who are partners in life & business would love to Forge NEW networks, share ideas & product. Combine Southern Vermont Local Resources so Communities can THRIVE instead of being on LIFE SUPPORT.

Open up new perspectives and join forces with the scattered local Village Markets and Farmers Markets. Have the Local & State levels ease restrictions and mandates when it comes to selling Commercial vs Cottage in the above markets and with Shopkeepers/Business owners  like us.  

Upcycled Head & Foot Board Hall Bench

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Now more than ever, it's important to start using YL THIEVES CLEANING PRODUCTS, SANITIZERS & PERSONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS. If the power of these herbs provided benefits through the Bubonic Plague, they can easily provide benefits for the current COVID19. THIEVES Products can and should be used on a daily basis. 

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