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[Piezoelectric] aka Earthing & Grounding

Come Visit, Shop and share talk about [big elephants in the room and within the communities] Become co-creators of New Beginnings and Alternatives from the OLD GUARD DARKENED Imbalanced mindset and systemic systems

We are looking for like minded folks to network & sell their wares in our shop -

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Our Shop is now located at:

730 Saxtons River Road/Route 121 Saxtons River, Vermont 05154-9700

We are located approx. a mile west of the Saxtons River Post Office heading towards Cambridgeport & Grafton. You can also reach us from Route 35 heading southeast to Route 121 and from I91 Exits 5 or 6...follow signs into Saxtons River from either Route 103 (exit 6) or Back Westminster Rd (exit 5). 802.869.1999 (  

Open Spring | Summer | Fall   Sun - Thurs [10:17am-4:17pm] Fri & Sat [10:17am - 3:47p] 

Will extend hours in warmer weather 

(EXCESSIVE/Extreme Rainy/Wintery/Snowy/Frigid Weather closed regardless of posted hours) 

Accept Silver Rounds & Bullions / GoldBack currency / fiat currency till it implodes upon itself / local check / CC by Square & Donations

Looking for BBQ comfort food - Check out Kirby's Q located at

163 River St Alstead NH 03602 



Custom Made Garlic, Herb,

Quill Paper or Jewelry


Check out our Selective Inventory

-Hemp Derived CBD products
-Varieties of Vermont & NH Honey
-Whole & Powder Chaga Mushroom 
[Harvested locally in Southern Vermont from Silver Birch-Limited Supply]
​-Medicinal Tea
-Homestead Chicken Fresh Eggs
-Homestead Fresh Veggies in Season
-Custom Made Locally Sourced and Exotic Wood Cutting Boards - can be personalized
-Locally networked canning food items
-​We are also a place for NO Money exchange Scrap Metal
Appointment needed for drop off/pick up within Southern Vermont & Local Border Towns in New Hampshire

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For additional Local Hemp derived CBD Product you can contact 

The Southern Pie Company located at 287 Main St Chester Vermont 05143

802.875.7437 (Scott or Leslie)

M & M Carriage House Creations LLC


Now offering Transportation Services

Local & Long Distance

Fully Licensed & Insured Call for Free Estimates

417.257.4677 - 802.869.1999.

Handcrafted WITH LOVE

If you are interested in Young Living Essential Oils Wellness Products & Nature's Ultra CBD line paired with YL essential oils

Be happy to assist you in making Lifestyle Wellness & Health Transitions!! Blends of Essential Oils can give you Awareness for managing your Lifestyle, Home, Children and Pets. Visit and enter #983784 for Sponsor

​​​​​​M & M Carriage House Creations

                    Is NOT

Just about Reclaimed Re-Found Material Goods
We are also about Re-Finding your Sense of Well BEING
            We are about the Spirit of the Land & have GROUNDED BELIEF in the SOUL, TRUTH, Consciousness, Light, Harmony, Balance & the Legions of Light Forces Amongst Planet Earth 
NO Face Mask Please. WE do not live by the hand of FEAR or Paranoia, nor by the hand of [frankenstein nazi khazarian mafia felony criminals.
We Believe in Authentic Organic Birth Rights 
We Believe in Authentic Organic Will to Breathe in Oxygen as Humanities Creators-SOUL-GOD intended
We Believe in Sovereignty, Full Autonomy, Self Determinations & Governance of THYSELF;
We Believe in Self Governing called FREE WILL
We Believe in the Authentic Organic Constitution
We Believe in Liberties, FREEDOM and the right to Protect Ones self against Tyranny, Over-reaching Federal/State & Local Governments and Criminals on all levels

WE are promoters of [ / / / Empowered Sovereigns of Vermont and any other Clan of Human Beings associated with the Lexicon noted above]