M & M Carriage House Creations LLC


Custom Made Garlic, Herb,

Quill Paper or Jewelry


Handcrafted WITH LOVE

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Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils & Wellness Products. To purchase products you need my number (#983784) to become a member (Customer).

Any questions ~ email chelevintagevermont@gmail.com

Be happy to assist you in making Lifestyle Wellness & Health Transitions!!   

Ask about my Butter's Medicinal Cream(s) and Crafted Herbal loose Immune Support Tea. For sale at Shop location !!

Now Featuring Dylan's Grandview Gourmet Fresh Local Baked Artisan Breads and Thompson's Goat Farm Jams, Mustards & Bone Broth. Come Check out the Yummy Selections!!

Our Shop is now located at:

730 Saxtons River Road/Route 121

Saxtons River, Vermont 05154-9700...

We are located approx. a mile west of the Saxtons River Post Office heading towards Cambridgeport and Grafton. You can also reach us from Route 35 heading southeast to Route 121 and from I91 Exits 5 or 6...follow signs into Saxtons River from either Route 103 (exit 6) or Back Westminster Rd (exit 5). 802.869.1999 (chelevintagevermont@gmail.com) for further information.

Open Wed-Sat 10:30a-5pmish (longer hours when warmer) By Chance on other days  (Not open with EXCESSIVE/EXTREME Rainy/Wintery/Snowy/Frigid Weather days regardless of days/hours noted) 

WE are a business who developed a different approach to bringing new life into items mostly using wood by reclaiming, restoring and upcycling.

WE also create new pieces from scratch and sometimes blend the old with the new. We can also custom make items within reason and even personalize them.

WE are working to keep up with the times by having smaller items because most people have a mindset to downsize but also keep in mind no matter where you live you still need some type of furniture, lamp and fun wall décor.

WE love color but to personalize all our pieces in color would be a tall order so we work on keeping it simple; less of a footprint, so we don't use paint unless upon request.

WE work really hard on our product creations and we don't want to keep them forever so we do offer them at reasonable market value prices.

WE love the idea of networking and engaging so we offer selling lamps, local honey, maple sugar, Vermont's famous Syrup and sometimes local artesian work.

We know it's a stretch to drive around and shop these days but it's not all about the convenience of the internet that mattes. For us what matters is bringing back the Sunday drives and having our cute roadside shop for you to hopefully purchase the One of a Kind item; which when in your home, it will spark and recall the time in space you spend with your loved ones creating the memories in the first place.

WE hope to see you soon!